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Once again, HOYA leads the industry with HOYALUX iD — a progressive lens so revolutionary it does what no other progressive lens has ever done before. It virtually eliminates the “swimming” and “swaying” sensations so common with ordinary progressive lenses. For the first time ever, wearers experience wide, disturbance-free vision at all distances.


Horizontal power changes are positioned on the back surface.

  • Wider visual field at all distances, regardless of prescription
  • No swimming effect – especially while moving
  • Less image deformation to peripheral vision

Vertical power changes are positioned on the front surface.

  • Short and effective eye rotation
  • Fastest compensation for accommodation shortage

Rapid interaction between far & near.

Front and back surfaces are then balanced and integrated.

  • More stable image perception in all distances and directions
  • Even distribution of progressive performance
  • Reduced number of head movements
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