You could settle for traditional progressive lenses, or see the world in Hi-definition.

From near to far and everywhere in between, the Summit iQ lens is designed to provide crisper, clearer viewing ranges and more natural vision transitions than any other traditional progressive lens.
This new level of precision in traditional progressive lens design sharpens perspectives, and noticeably expands your viewing zones, no matter where you look.

A lens that makes other traditional progressive designs obsolete.

We’ve revolutionized the standard progressive lens manufacturing process to produce a more intuitive design, resulting in much more vivid perspectives. The difference between looking through a Summit iQ lens and a traditionally made progressive lens is like seeing a Hi-definition screen after watching analog television.


Summit iQ Benefits

Noticeably sharper viewing zones as compared to other traditional progressive lenses


Smooth adaptations between all viewing ranges and angles


Allows for more natural eye and head movement throughout the day

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