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Seiko Surmount- Digital Progressive Lenses

  • SEIKO Surmount and new SEIKO Surmount Ws 100% internal free-form progressive lenses are our most technologically advanced lenses. Their dual patented* design processes complex convex curves onto the concave back surface of the lens, permitting the use of flatter base curves on plus power prescriptions. The result is lenses that are up to 25% flatter in profile, even when compared to our other internal free-form designs. Wearers will enjoy the superior optical performance of 100% internal free-form technology, along with slimmer, lighter, more attractive


  • Two Advanced Designs, Hard & Soft.  Surmount lenses are recommended for active lifestyle wearers. Their soft design effectively reduces swim and sway distortion. They offer clear distance (40% wider) to the periphery, a smooth natural intermediate, and a wide, full power reading area. Surmount Ws (Wide & Short) lenses are preferred by those with sedentary lifestyles, who use their eyewear mostly for near vision. Its hard design provides a 42% wider reading area with clear distance vision to the periphery.



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