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ZEISS Progressive Individual 2.

Tailor-made to meet all individual requirements.

The best vision care addresses not just acuity, but also the patient’s entire visual life. How do they use their vision on the job and throughout the day? How dynamic is their visual behaviour? Are they regularly using digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets?
The eyes should be seen as part of a whole personNo two people are alike – individuals differ not only in their anatomy.
Their style and visual preferences are closely linked to their way of life. A progressive lens should not only be matched to the wearer’s physiology, but also to their main daily activities.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Individual 2 responds to this challenge with a solution that delivers best natural vision in any situation.

People have differing visual requirements based on what they do each day. Taking this into consideration, ZEISS Individual 2 uses two technologies for the best visual performance, day or night.


  • IndividualFit® Technology
  • Luminance Design® Technology

1// IndividualFit® Technology

IndividualFit Technology takes into account the individual’s main daily activities and provides a choice of three lens designs to suit the wearer’s needs.

Optimized for diverse activities demanding a balance of vision for all distances.

  • Balanced vision ranges
  • Wide distance, intermediate and near vision zones

Optimized design for dynamic and intermediate activities.

  • Optimum intermediate vision zone – up to 25% wider
  • Wide distance vision zone maintained
  • Good near vision zone

Optimized design for prolonged near vision activities.

  • Optimum near vision zone – up to 30% wider
  • Wide distance vision zone
  • Good intermediate vision zone

2// Luminance Design® Technology

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 provides comfortable, clear vision in every kind of light, both day and night. Using patented Luminance Design® Technology, ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 factors in patient pupil size in varying light conditions to optimize the design for all-day wear.

In addition, unlike conventional progressives, ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 incorporates ray trace calculations for entire bundles of light rays across the pupil, rather than single rays, delivering more complete data for perfecting the design.

The result is a more natural vision experience and greater clarity for lens wearers, whether in bright or low light conditions.

Small pupil during the day

Mid-size pupil in mesopic conditions

Large pupil at night

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