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People spend a lot of their time in enclosed areas such as when they work in an office or are doing things at home. For these everyday very near to intermediate situations not every lens allows relaxed and clear vision. Unsuitable lenses can constrain our vision and can cause symptoms such as tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.

The Officelens portfolio by ZEISS. The solution for relaxed and clear vision from near to intermediate distance is available in three design levels.

ZEISS Officelens is available with three work distances

  1. ZEISS Officelens Book. Widest fields of clear vision out to 3 feet (100 cm). For reading, using a computer or handheld device, and other visually intensive up-close activities.
  2. ZEISS Officelens Desk. Wide fields of view out to 7 feet (200cm). For reading, computer use and a clear view of a cubicle or small office.
  3. ZEISS Officelens Room. For nearly any indoor or closer-range outdoor visual activities, with wide, clear vision out to 14 feet (400cm).

To shape the optimal visual field for near to intermediate distance vision, select the right ZEISS Officelens based on the working distance.

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