Dry Eye Kit – 6 Month Treatment

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Our Dry Eye Treatment Kit includes everything needed to treat dry eyes for a 6 month period using our customized Doctor designed program.

For patients with chronic dry eye, consistent treatment is needed to achieve long term and sustainable improvement to the health of the ocular surface.

Our Dry Eye Treatment Kit not only provides the best available treatment for dry eye sufferers but also allows for significant price savings of over $400 off MSRP.

The products in this bundle are all clinical grade and are the highest quality dry eye products available in the Canadian market.


Dry Eye Treatment Kit 6 Month Dosing Schedule:

6X Thealoz Duo eye drops 4 times per day in both eyes

6X Blephadex wipes 2 times per day to clean the eyelid margins of both eyes

2X Bruder Mask 15 minutes of heat and two minutes of lid massage twice per day

3X Physician Recommended Nutraceuticals Omega-3 240 count tablets: 4 capsules per day