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Hyabak Eye Drops

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Hyabak preservative free eye drops are recommended for the treatment of dry eyes.

It features 4-fold protection: free of preservatives, osmotically balanced, permanently moisturizes, and protects against UVB.

It can be used with any sort of contact lenses.

It is preservative free due to its unique ABAKĀ® container; a complex filtering system which ensures the sterility of the solution for 3 months from opening. ABAKĀ® container provides leakage-free and consistent dripping. Uniformly sized drops are dispensed by the container during every use.

Hyabak contains:

Sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates and lubricates dry eyes.
Actinoquinol, which mitigates the UVB radiation-evoked harmful processes.
The hypotonicity of Hyabak helps restore the osmotic balance of dry eyes, which contributes to the regeneration of the cells of the ocular surface.

Hyabak is recommended:

To lubricate and moisten the eyes, or for the treatment of pain or dryness evoked by irritants such as wind, smoke, pollution, dry heat, air-conditioning, air-travel, or prolonged work in front of a computer screen.

For contact lens wearers, it provides permanent lubrication and hydration of the lenses, and it makes wear, insertion and removal of the lenses more comfortable.

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